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Coda AI is a new work assistant tool that allows users to consolidate their tool stack and build powerful apps in one space.The tool is suitable for product teams, enterprise, startups, small businesses, as well as roles in product, sales, success, marketing, students, and educators.

Coda AI can be used for project management, meetings, knowledge management, and OKRs planning.The AI assistant can draft content, generate tables, find information, and reference data, making it easier to delegate repetitive tasks and rethink content creation.

It can also summarize and highlight action items, convert data to text, and provide auto-generated summaries, next steps, and action items after meetings.The writing assistant feature helps with editing, creating tables, and referencing content.

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Coda AI possible use cases:

  1. project management.
  2. meetings assistant.
  3. knowledge management support for the company. Coda AI
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