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Coginiti AI is an AI data analytics assistant that helps users produce consistent high-quality insights faster. Coginiti's AI assistant enables users to generate SQL using natural language prompts, optimize existing SQL queries, explain shared SQL in the integrated catalog, give detailed explanations and solutions to errors, and explain query execution plans for better optimization.

The tool provides powerful query and analysis capabilities, allowing users to explore, manage, and analyze data in a collaborative data workspace. It also supports deep database and object store integration, providing easy access to data from various platforms such as Redshift, Microsoft, Snowflake, IBM, bigquery, Yellowbrick, and Databricks.

Coginiti AI is focused on enabling collaborative intelligence, believing in the future of intelligence being collaborative. The tool is built with responsible AI principles and has established proud relationships with partners. Coginiti also provides resources such as white papers, webinars, case studies, and a blog for users to learn and stay updated with the latest news and perspectives.

The AI advisor continually evolves based on every interaction, tailor-making recommendations and suggestions according to individual needs.

Coginiti AI also focuses on enhancing query performance to decrease compute costs. Users can ask the AI advisor for assistance in leveraging indexes, optimizing joins, and reducing response times. This enhanced performance translates into faster insights, improved resource utilization, and lower compute costs.

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Coginiti possible use cases:

  1. Simplifying SQL writing and making efficient queries for your data.
  2. Accelerating data analytic products.
  3. Enhancing query performance. Coginiti
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