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What is My Ask AI? 3.8 2 ratings

My AskAI is a simple way to create an AI Assistant for your business, build an AI in under 2 minutes without code. Add content from your website (or others), documents (PDF, docx, txt, CSV), Google Drive or Notion, then get AI answers or summaries from it directly to your website visitors via chatbot, WhatsApp or Messenger, your employees or colleagues via Slack or Teams (or build your own integration with Zapier), or build a business around it with our white-labeling options and APIs.

Use it for customer and visitor support and success, internal knowledge sharing and discovery or academic research.Join thousands of users saving time and growing their businesses with My AskAI today.

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My Ask AI possible use cases:

  1. Create a chatbot for customer service based on your website knowledge.
  2. Integrate chatbot into website for FAQs and other sources.
  3. Use chatbot for lead generation on landing pages to help you answer relevant questions. My Ask AI
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3.8 2 ratings

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