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Wallu is a chatbot designed to provide support and answer frequently asked questions on Discord servers.With its smart AI capabilities, Wallu can understand member inquiries and automatically respond without the need for tagging.

The bot can learn from feedback using reactions and adapt its responses accordingly.The tool offers an easy-to-use admin panel where FAQs can be manually added or imported, and documents can be uploaded for the bot to reference in its answers.

Wallu supports over 50 languages, ensuring multilingual capabilities for diverse communities.It comes with various customization options and features a server message history search function.With a large number of servers and members already benefiting from Wallu, users can add the bot to their server and start using it with a simple command.

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Wallu possible use cases:

  1. Automated customer support for your website using your knowledge base.
  2. Language translation from one language to the other.
  3. Improve customer experience by allowing them to ask questions and get answers based on your FAQ.
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