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What is SteosVoice?

Steosvoic is an AI tool that offers high-quality neural voice artificial intelligence for various uses. It can be used for creating unique content such as dubbing videos, creating podcasts or generating audio for books, among others. It has over 50 voice options with more than 40,000 users and 25+ hours of audio generated every day. While there are paid plans available, the tool also offers a completely free version with Telegram bot and open technology support for the community. The platform is looking to expand its voice options and language support in the future.

SteosVoice Details

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Tagged: Text-to-Speech

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SteosVoice Core features

  • ✔️ Video dubbing
  • ✔️ Podcast creation
  • ✔️ Audio generation for books
  • ✔️ Over 50 voice options
  • ✔️ Community-supported platform

SteosVoice use case ideas

  1. Dubbing videos.
  2. Creating podcasts.
  3. Generating audio for books. SteosVoice
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