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What is SpeechEasy?

Speecheasy is a high-quality text-to-speech tool powered by AI machine learning to help convert text to audio easily. It offers studio-grade synthetic voices for easy understanding by consumers on the go, in home, office, and e-learning content. The tool supports cross-platform and browser audio element for desktop and mobile use. It also offers various use cases like voice publishing, voice learning, and high-def voices to choose from. Privacy and security are given priority, and the tool offers a simple pricing plan with a free starter option.

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⭐ SpeechEasy Core features

  • ✔️ Text-to-speech conversion
  • ✔️ Studio-grade synthetic voices
  • ✔️ Cross-platform support
  • ✔️ Browser audio element
  • ✔️ Voice publishing
  • ✔️ Voice learning
  • ✔️ High-def voices

⚙️ SpeechEasy use case ideas

  1. Voice publishing for e-learning content.
  2. Voice learning for language learners.
  3. High-def voices for audiobook production.
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