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Faraday.dev is a powerful AI tool that allows you to create and interact with chat AI characters locally without NSFW filters. With Faraday.dev, you can download the desktop app and start chatting right away, without the need for any coding knowledge. The tool runs locally, ensuring the privacy and security of your data, which is stored 100% on your computer. You can easily change the behavior of the characters, revoke their access, or remove any data you want.

One of the main advantages of Faraday.dev is that it works offline, so you can enjoy using it on a plane, train, or anywhere else without internet access. Your private chat data is saved on your computer and will never be sent to a remote server. While you have the option to share specific chats to help improve the AI models, it is never a requirement. Overall, Faraday.dev offers a user-friendly and offline-first experience for creating and interacting with AI characters.Faraday is completely FREE to use.

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Faraday.Dev possible use cases:

  1. Create and interact with chat AI characters without coding and offline.
  2. Ensure privacy and security of chat data with your best characters.
  3. Chat offline in areas without internet access with your favorite AI characters.
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