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What is AutoCut - Premiere Pro AI plugin?

Autocut is a Premiere Pro plugin that simplifies video editing by offering numerous AI-based features to enhance the editing process.With Autocut, you can automatically perform multiple video editing actions like removing silences, adding animated captions, zooms, stock footage, and editing podcasts.

The plugin is designed to optimize editing time by cutting out silences in your video.Additionally, Autocut allows you to add animated subtitles with just one click, bringing your videos to life in an extraordinary way.

It also features automatic jump cuts, making your video content more engaging.Overall features include faster editing, autocaptions, autozoom, autocut repeat, autoresize, and autoprofanity filter.


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AutoCut - Premiere Pro AI plugin Core features

  • ✔️ automatic silences removal
  • ✔️ animated captions
  • ✔️ zooms
  • ✔️ stock footage
  • ✔️ edit podcasts
  • ✔️ autoB-Roll
  • ✔️ auto-cut repeats

AutoCut - Premiere Pro AI plugin use case ideas

  1. Time-Saving Silence Removal: One of the use cases for Autocut is its ability to automatically remove silences in a video which can significantly speed up the editing process.
  2. Animated Captions: Autocut's AI-powered animated caption feature can be extremely useful to bring more engagement and liveness to your video productions.
  3. Enhancing Podcast Editing: In addition to regular videos, Autocut can be an invaluable tool for podcasters as well. Its AI-driven functionality allows for automatic cutting of repetitive segments, known as autocut repeat, which can help reduce the time taken for editing podcasts.. AutoCut - Premiere Pro AI plugin
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