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What is AskAI?

Askai is a tool that utilizes ChatGPT to provide instant answers and help documents to its audience/customers. The tool allows users to add content and create a custom ChatGPT to receive faster and smarter answers to their questions. It also offers multilingual support and GDPR compliance. Askai offers various pricing plans for different types of users, ranging from hobbyists to enterprises. The tool prioritizes privacy and security, with features like password protection and bank-grade encryption.

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⭐ AskAI Core features

  • ✔️ Content management
  • ✔️ Custom chatgpt creation
  • ✔️ Multilingual support
  • ✔️ Privacy & security

⚙️ AskAI use case ideas

  1. Create a custom ChatGPT for faster and smarter answers.
  2. Add content to Askai for better customer support.
  3. Choose a pricing plan that suits your needs.
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