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What is Lxi.ai?

A linear AI chat can't handle a real-life iterative process that is needed to create quality outputs.lxi is the interface that can.The tool offers a collaborative interface that allows users to harness the power of AI while maintaining control over the creative process.

By enabling users to draft sections of content with AI assistance and then revise it manually or guide the AI towards the desired outcome, our tool enhances productivity and quality.Users can seamlessly integrate relevant information to provide context to the AI, eliminating the need for tedious copy and pasting between documents.

Additionally, the real-time collaboration feature allows users to work alongside teammates, facilitating faster project completion through immediate feedback and interactions.

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⭐ Lxi.ai Core features

  • ✔️ Uploading documents
  • ✔️ Importing web pages
  • ✔️ Adding text directly
  • ✔️ Storing information securely
  • ✔️ Real time team collaboration

⚙️ Lxi.ai use case ideas

  1. Streamline content creation processes by leveraging AI assistance in drafting and revising sections.
  2. Improve productivity and quality by integrating relevant information seamlessly and providing context to the AI.
  3. Facilitate faster project completion through real-time collaboration, immediate feedback, and interactions among team members.

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Content creators
Teams collaborating on projects
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