Top AI code helpers and assistants

Have you been looking for ways to make your code writing easier and more efficient? With AI, there are many tools available that can help streamline your code writing and improve your efficiency. In this list, we'll highlight some of the top AI tools designed specifically to help with coding tasks. And the best part? Many of these tools offer free trials or credits, so you can try them out and see if they're a good fit for your needs before committing to a paid plan. So without further ado, let's take a look at the some of the top AI tools to streamline your code writing and improve your efficiency.

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32 Top AI code helpers and assistants

AI Helper Bot Freemium

AI Helper Bot is an artificial intelligence tool that generates SQL queries instantly, without prior SQL knowledge, using everyday language (GPT-4). It supports various languages and matches input to ..

Hacker AI Free

Hacker AI is an artificial intelligence that scans source code to identify potential security weaknesses that may be exploited by hackers or malicious actors...

AutoRegex Freemium

AutoRegex: Convert from English to RegEx with Natural Language Processing..

GitFluence Free

GitFluence is AI-driven solution that helps you quickly find the right Git command. Get started with Git Command Generator today and save time...

Code Snippets AI Freemium

A secure code snippets library for teams that harnesses the power of AI to improve productivity, communication and collaboration. It allows teams to save, share, and access code snippets throughout th..

Programming Helper Free trial

Generate code just by typing a text description. AI will create the code for you. Also offers a library of code snippets and a wide range of programming assistance resources...

Codeium Free

Codeium is an AI-powered code tool that offers rapid code autocomplete and intelligent search for file and code related intents. It integrates with 20+ editors and supports over 40 languages. Codeium ..

RubberDuck Free

Open source VS Code extension that let's you chat, generate code, edit code, get explanations, generate tests, find bugs and diagnose errors with AI..

Fig AI Freemium

Fig AI is a language processing tool based on OpenAI's Codex language model. It provides accurate responses to commands input in English and executes them in the Bash command shell. It offers features..

Cron AI Free

Cron AI - Get a cron expression by describing how often you want it running...

Hey GitHub Free trial

GitHub Next Project: Write code without the keyboard. Difficulty typing? Use your voice to code without spelling things out by talking with GitHub Copilot...

CodeGeex Free

CodeGeeX - Code generation model on Hugging Face Space by THUDM..

Safurai Free

Safurai is an AI Code Assistant (IDE extension) that helps developers by solving bugs, refactoring, creating documentation, generating new code, and much more...

Komandi Free trial

Komandi is a tool for developers and system administrators. You can use it to manage your most used CLI commands, detect potentially dangerous commands, and quickly generate commands from natural lang..

Mutable Subscription is an AI tool that helps accelerate software development and improve workflow. It has a GitHub app for Visual Studio Code and Jupyter notebooks. It offers features such as AI autocomplete, ..


Get answers for CLI commands from GPT3 right from your terminal - GitHub - abhagsain/ai-cli: Get answers for CLI commands from GPT3 right from your terminal..

Sketch Free

AI code-writing assistant that understands data content - GitHub - approximatelabs/sketch: AI code-writing assistant that understands data content..

Stenography Freemium

Stenography is an AI tool that automatically documents entire codebases every time you hit "save" in Visual Studio Code. It features a passcode-protected API for customizing documentation, and can hyd..

AI Data Sidekick Freemium

AirOps AI Data Sidekick , a free software product designed to help people work with SQL 10x faster. It includes powerful formulas and tools to help with writing, optimizing and troubleshooting SQL que..

Bito Freemium

A suite of coding tools for developers, that help with code and building test cases...


Buildt is an AI tool designed to help developers quickly search and understand large codebases. It offers context-based search capabilities that go beyond simple string matching. Users can perform ful..

AI Code Reviewer

Automatic code review by AI..


Codesquir is an AI code writing tool that assists data scientists, engineers, and analysts by providing code completion suggestions as they type. Users can download the Chrome extension and turn their..

SourceAI Contact

SourceAI is an AI-powered code generator that simplifies the process of generating code in various programming languages. It offers easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces for non-developers and develope..

Blackbox Free trial

Blackbox AI is an AI-powered tool for developers to search and autocomplete code snippets in over 20 programming languages. It offers code search across more than 100 million open-source repositories ..

Tabnine Subscription

Tabnine is an AI tool for software developers that provides whole-line and full-function code completions using AI technology. It suggests code completions that align with code patterns to improve cod..

WhatTheDiff Freemium

Diff is an AI-powered code review assistant that helps teams write better pull request descriptions, review and merge code faster, and keep non-technical team members in the loop. It suggests changes ..

AI2sql Free trial

AI2SQL is an AI tool that allows users to easily and efficiently write error-free SQL queries without needing to know SQL. The tool includes features like SQL query generator, SQL syntax checker, and ..

Spellbox Paid

Spellbox is a versatile AI code assistance tool that simplifies coding and allows users to focus on delivering top-quality results. It generates code quickly with simple prompts and solves tough progr..

Copilot Free trial

Your AI pair programmer. GitHub Copilot uses the OpenAI Codex to suggest code and entire functions in real-time, right from your editor...

Fronty Subscription

Fronti is an AI-powered tool that converts images to HTML/CSS code within minutes, making website creation easy and fast. It also features a no-code editor for creating complex websites, managing styl..

Replit Subscription

Replit is a collaborative, browser-based IDE for software development that includes AI-powered tools such as Ghostwrit for pair programming and code suggestion. It offers real-time, multiplayer editin..

These are some of the best AI tools to streamline your code writing and improve your efficiency. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find a tool that fits your needs and budget. As AI continues to go mainstream, we expect to see even more tools come to market in the near future. If you're interested in exploring more AI tools for code writing, be we will be updating this list frequently with new tools as they come out. Happy coding.


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