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What is CodeSquire?

Codesquir is an AI code writing tool that assists data scientists, engineers, and analysts by providing code completion suggestions as they type. Users can download the Chrome extension and turn their thoughts into code easily. The tool allows users to write code and translate comments to code easily, create functions, and write SQL queries. The platform supports Google Colab, BigQuery, and JupyterLab.

CodeSquire Details

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Tagged: Development Data Analysis

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CodeSquire Core features

  • ✔️ Code completion
  • ✔️ Comment translation
  • ✔️ Function creation
  • ✔️ Sql query writing

CodeSquire Highlights:

Chrome extension Available

CodeSquire use case ideas

  1. Assisting data scientists in writing code.
  2. Helping engineers write SQL queries.
  3. Enabling analysts to create functions easily. CodeSquire
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