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What is Code Snippets AI?

A secure code snippets library for teams that harnesses the power of AI to improve productivity, communication and collaboration. It allows teams to save, share, and access code snippets throughout their workflow. It also provides tools to generate, refactor, debug, and document code snippets using AI.

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⭐ Code Snippets AI Core features

  • ✔️ Save
  • ✔️ Share
  • ✔️ Access
  • ✔️ Generate
  • ✔️ Refactor
  • ✔️ Debug
  • ✔️ Document

⚙️ Code Snippets AI use case ideas

  1. Efficient code sharing and collaboration.
  2. Automated code refactoring and debugging.
  3. Streamlined code documentation and organization.

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Software designers
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Code Snippets AI Highlights:

✅ Turn your questions into code!Easily store and fetch your snippets.Collaborate with your team.
✅ AI Powered WebIDE & VSCode extension Create documentation, Refactor, Debug and Generate code with the click of a button.
✅ We use a fine-tuned AI model trained on GPT3, which provide faster and more accurate responses to your questions, compared to Codex apps.
✅ Save your code snippets into your library for your whole team to use. Search snippets by language, name or folder & create your own folder structure to suit your needs.

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