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What is Transvribe?

Transvrib is an AI tool that allows users to search for videos and ask questions using natural language. The tool utilizes power AI embeddings and can transcribe videos with English captions, with support for other languages coming soon. It features Ontailwindai and was built by Zahid to improve YouTube learning by up to 10 times. The tool can be found on Github.

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⭐ Transvribe Core features

  • ✔️ Video search
  • ✔️ Natural language questioning
  • ✔️ English caption transcribing
  • ✔️ Ontailwindai integration
  • ✔️ Youtube learning improvement

⚙️ Transvribe use case ideas

  1. Search for educational videos using natural language.
  2. Transcribe and caption videos for accessibility.
  3. Improve language learning by searching for videos with captions.
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