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Setapp is a subscription to 240+ apps for tasks on Mac and iOS, including AI apps.With Setapp, you subscribe once and use dozens of apps without worrying about cost. Tackle tasks like file resize, photo editing, writing code, planning and scheduling. Try AI-based apps for text generation and improvement.

Discover apps for Mac maintenance, security, design, and much more. Use AI-powered smart search in Setapp as well as the handy AI-based Setapp Assistant that can help you discover the right app for your task much faster, or even explain a feature in an app you installed from Setapp.

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Setapp possible use cases:

  1. A busy professional who wants to have a trusted selection of vetted apps for work and everyday tasks at their fingertips.
  2. A creator who needs tools to collaborate, manage time and projects, work with multimedia.
  3. A solopreneur who wants to save time and resources when handling numerous routine tasks. Setapp
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