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"Read Less with AI" Makes the Chore of Staying Informed More Accessible, Effortless, and Empowering. "Read Less" is set to change the narrative for those who struggle to read or keep up with current events.

Going beyond just delivering efficient, digestible news - It aims to disrupt the cycle of digital addiction and integrate naturally into users' regular routines, without fostering excessive usage.Using advanced AI to render news more accessible, Read Less supports over 30 languages, pulls from a network of 100+ reputable publishers, and condenses stories into bite-sized or bulleted summaries, all the while effectively countering bias, clickbait, and information overload.

With Read Less, users can tailor their news feed to their preference and selecting their favorite publishers and categories.The goal is not to inundate users with information or encourage endless scrolling, but to grant them control over their news consumption, in terms of both volume and sentiment.

At its core, Read Less aspires to be a companion to readers, not just another source of digital clutter.Independently developed and community-tested, Read Less represents a commitment to an empowering, rather than overwhelming, user experience. Details

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  1. Stay updated with news without bias.
  2. Filter out clickbait news easily and customize your news feed.
  3. Listen to news in different languages.
  4. Customize news feed and mute unwanted sources.
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