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Tailor is an AI-powered personalized newsletter and podcast creator that offers a unique way to consume information. With Tailor, you can easily create your own daily podcast newsletter that caters to your specific interests. Whether you're into anime, finance, or venture capital, Tailor allows you to curate a unique blend of content.

Adding newspapers, YouTube channels, and podcasts that you love is a breeze with Tailor. Their AI technology ensures that you receive a daily digest that cuts through the noise and focuses on what matters most to you. Sit back and relax as Tailor reads, listens, and watches everything created each day, identifying the important things so you don't have to.

Say goodbye to information overload with Tailor's digest in both text and audio formats. Get only the important stuff without the noise. Best of all, Tailor offers a simple and free way to get started. Don't let your interests get lost in the noise - let Tailor put them front and center.

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Tailor possible use cases:

  1. Stay updated with personalized news via a personally tailored newsletter everyday.
  2. Discover new content based on interests.
  3. Create a customized daily podcast based on your interest.
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