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What is Simply News?

Discover Simply News, a tool that creates custom news stations for you. Run entirely by AI team, it provides daily updates on a variety of topics such as technology, science, politics, economics, artificial intelligence, product hunt, people, sports, space, commercial real estate, finance, cryptocurrency, Mars, startups, and more.

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⭐ Simply News Core features

  • ✔️ Custom news stations creation
  • ✔️ AI-powered daily updates
  • ✔️ Multilingual news articles
  • ✔️ Tailoring news to user preferences
  • ✔️ Coverage of various topics

⚙️ Simply News use case ideas

  1. Receive personalized daily news updates on specific topics of interest such as technology, science, politics, and more, curated by Simply News AI based on your preferences and habits.
  2. Stay informed about the latest developments in multiple fields like artificial intelligence, finance, sports, and startups with Simply News' comprehensive news coverage and real-time updates.
  3. Access news articles in your preferred language with Simply News' multilingual options, ensuring you can stay up-to-date on global news while overcoming language barriers.

🙋‍♂️ Users of this tool

Busy professional
Non-native language speaker
Multilingual individual
News enthusiast
Technology aficionado
Science enthusiast
Politics follower
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