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Mail Sort is an AI email sorter for businesses incoming email enquiries. Instead of manually forwarding from a general enquiry inbox, Mail Sort forwards the email instantly based on the companies rules to ensure every email is forwarded to the right people within the organisation.

To get started with Mail Sort, you'll be given a personalized email address ([email protected]) that you can use on your website, contact forms, marketing materials, and invoices. Alternatively, you can set up auto-forwarding from your existing email address to your Mail Sort address.

With Mail Sort, you can set custom sorting rules tailored to your company's needs. For example, you can create rules to forward new order enquiries to Jane and John, existing customer enquiries to Tom, accounts receivable enquiries to the accounts department, and accounts payable enquiries to the AP department.

By using Mail Sort, you can increase efficiency by minimizing the time spent sifting through irrelevant emails and ensuring that your staff is focused on what's relevant. It is suitable for both start-ups and large corporations and provides an improved customer experience with quicker response times and less room for oversight.

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Mail Sort possible use cases:

  1. Automating email routing for efficient enquiry management.
  2. Improving customer experience with quicker response times.
  3. Streamlining email forwarding process for businesses. Mail Sort
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