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The smart email assistant by mailbutler is an ai-powered tool that offers several main features and use cases for managing work emails. it uses artificial intelligence to help compose and respond to emails quickly and efficiently. with the smart compose feature, users can provide keywords and the ai assistant will draft an email, which can then be edited as needed. the tool also has a smart respond feature that generates email responses based on keywords entered by the user.

Another useful feature is the ability to summarize emails, with the ai assistant providing an overview of the important details in a message. it can also help improve spelling and grammar in emails by providing suggestions for improvement. the tool includes a contact finder feature, which automatically adds relevant contact information to the user's contacts.

The smart assistant also has a task finder feature that scans emails and creates a list of tasks that need to be completed. users can quickly add these tasks to their task list for easy organization. the tool is designed to save time and effort by automating various email-related tasks.Overall, the smart email assistant by mailbutler offers various ai-powered features to enhance email management and productivity.

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Mailbutler possible use cases:

  1. Compose and respond to emails quickly and efficiently.
  2. Summarize emails and improve spelling and grammar.
  3. Scan emails and create task lists. Mailbutler
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