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Llmonitor is an AI tool that provides observability and analytics for evaluating AI agents and chatbots. With llmonitor, you can monitor requests to LLMs and track user activity to stay on top of costs and optimize prompts to save money. It also allows you to debug complex agents by replaying agent executions and tracing user conversations to identify gaps in chatbot knowledge. Additionally, llmonitor enables you to capture user feedback and create labeled training datasets, which can be exported to fine-tune models and improve the quality of your app while reducing costs. llmonitor is a developer-friendly tool with built-in integrations for Python and JavaScript. It offers both a hosted version and an open source self-hostable option. Experience llmonitor's capabilities and get started within minutes.

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llmonitor possible use cases:

  1. Monitor and optimize AI agent costs.
  2. Debug complex AI agents and optimize prompts and performance.
  3. Capture user feedback for training datasets.
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