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Llamabot is an AI tool designed to create chatbots with a personalized touch. It offers features like the ability to set custom personalities, train data from various sources such as FAQ pages, documentation, course content, and more. With Llamabot, you can embed chatbots directly on your website and create an unlimited number of them. It enables you to explore users' questions and provide quick and accurate responses. This versatile tool can be used in various scenarios including customer service, FAQ chat, documentation exploration, and even for gyms. Llamabot is developed with a user-centric approach and is committed to maintaining privacy and ensuring a satisfactory experience for its users.


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LLAMABOT possible use cases:

  1. Create personalized chatbots.
  2. Embed chatbots on websites.
  3. Provide customer support chat agents.
  4. Explore documentation files with chat.
  5. Engage users with interactive FAQ.
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