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Knowmax is an AI-powered knowledge management platform that offers omnichannel capabilities and custom experiences for industries such as telecom, banking, insurance, e-commerce, media, healthcare, travel, automotive, and utilities. It provides decision trees, a knowledge base, visual guides, and visual assistance to simplify complex SOPs and workflows. It also enables the creation of self-help guides and offers a no-code cognitive decision tree to integrate with CRM and deliver faster and personalized resolutions. Knowmax helps reduce learn curve, errors, and AHT while increasing CSAT and FCR. It offers a Google-like search engine that provides access to relevant knowledge across touchpoints instantly.

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Knowmax possible use cases:

  1. Simplifying complex SOPs and workflows.
  2. Creating self-help guides.
  3. Integrating with CRM for faster and personalized resolutions. Knowmax
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