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TrainMyAI is a self hosted AI knowledge base and chatbot tool that enables customers and employees to obtain accurate answers from a trusted knowledge base using natural language questions. It offers the flexibility to store content chats on-premise or in the cloud, allowing users to maintain full control over their AI chatbot. Built with popular technologies such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL/MariaDB, TrainMyAI runs on modern Linux servers.

With TrainMyAI, users can benefit from advanced features such as user management with fine-grained permissions, content management, and chat history recording for later review. The tool also provides a private API that includes JSON-RPC integration for mobile applications. Users can create multiple knowledge bases to cater to different applications or user groups.

TrainMyAI offers deep customization options, allowing users to have advanced control over AI parameters, HTML structure, and styles. Additionally, the tool offers content analytics and citation rankings to identify popular subjects and critical content. It also displays references used in responses and provides links to the sources.

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TrainMyAI possible use cases:

  1. Host your own customer support chatbot based on your internal knowledge base and documents.
  2. Internal employee assistance chatbot that keeps your information private.
  3. Knowledge base chatbot for self-service. TrainMyAI
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