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What is ChatSuggest?

Chatsuggest is an AI tool that offers an interview-style conversational approach for startups and sales pitches. It is powered by the first AI hobby project called "Thi" and is currently in beta mode. The tool aims to assist users in improving their sales calls and startup pitches. The creators welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement.


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ChatSuggest Core features

  • ✔️ Improve sales calls
  • ✔️ Assist in startup pitches
  • ✔️ Conversational approach
  • ✔️ Powered by ai hobby project thi
  • ✔️ Currently in beta mode

ChatSuggest use case ideas

  1. Improve sales calls.
  2. Enhance startup pitches.
  3. Get feedback and suggestions for improvement. ChatSuggest
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