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What is Chat Summary for LiveChat?

Chat Summary is an AI tool that automatically generates chat transcripts summary to save time and effort in understanding the key points of a chat without reading the entire transcript. Its accuracy is ensured with OpenAI's cutting-edge natural language processing technology. The tool comes with a free token package for users to get started and offers in-app upgrades to purchase extra token packages for generating more summaries. It also has a report section to view the history and detail of previous chat summaries, as well as to track usage and monitor current token balance for increased transparency and cost-effectiveness.

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⭐ Chat Summary for LiveChat Core features

  • ✔️ Chat summary
  • ✔️ Generates
  • ✔️ Chat transcripts
  • ✔️ Summary

⚙️ Chat Summary for LiveChat use case ideas

  1. Quickly understand key points of a long chat.
  2. Save time and effort in reading entire chat transcript.
  3. Track usage and monitor token balance for cost-effectiveness.
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