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What is AssemblyAI?

AssemblyAI is an AI tool that offers a speech recognition API with state-of-the-art AI models for converting audio and live streams into text. It also enables features such as speaker detection, speech summarization, and detecting hate speech. The tool provides comprehensible documentation, tutorials, and support for developers, startups, and enterprises. AssemblyAI processes millions of audio files daily, including for Fortune 500 companies. The tool prioritizes security and requires the use of an API key to access it.

AssemblyAI Details

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Tagged: Speech-To-Text Development

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AssemblyAI Core features

  • ✔️ Speech recognition
  • ✔️ Speaker detection
  • ✔️ Speech summarization
  • ✔️ Hate speech detection
  • ✔️ Api support

AssemblyAI use case ideas

  1. Transcribing audio files for closed captioning.
  2. Analyzing customer service calls for sentiment analysis.
  3. Creating searchable archives of recorded meetings. AssemblyAI
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