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What is Addy AI?

Addi AI is an email assistant tool that uses AI to help draft emails up to 10x faster, with a variety of tone options available to suit different needs. Users can set a default tone, and the tool can remember it for future emails. It aims to reduce writer's block by drafting emails according to the conversation context. The tool has received positive feedback from entrepreneurs, executives, and managers, with over 220,000 hours of saved time by users.

Addy AI Details

Pricing: Freemium Edit tool

Tagged: Email Writing

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Addy AI Core features

  • ✔️ Email drafting
  • ✔️ Tone customization
  • ✔️ Conversation context memory
  • ✔️ Writer's block reduction
  • ✔️ Time saving

Addy AI use case ideas

  1. Save time drafting emails for work.
  2. Reduce writer's block when composing emails.
  3. Customize email tone to suit different recipients. Addy AI
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