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What is Writemail?

Writemail.ai is an AI-driven email writing tool that aims to make email writing effortless, eliminate stress, and increase email reply speed by 87%. It offers a free tool extension that can enhance Gmail, Outlook, and Hotmail. The tool allows users to compose new emails or replies with AI-generated text and gives users options to select the tone, mood, content length, language, and emoji use depending on the recipient's age, cultural background, and the email's purpose. It also provides tips on email writing etiquette and best practices to ensure the success of the email.

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Pricing: Free Edit tool

Tagged: Email

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Writemail Core features

  • ✔️ Compose new emails
  • ✔️ Compose replies
  • ✔️ Customize content based on recipient
  • ✔️ Choose tone and mood
  • ✔️ Select emoji use

Writemail use case ideas

  1. Compose emails faster and more efficiently.
  2. Improve email response rates.
  3. Enhance email writing skills and etiquette.
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