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Create AI-generated articles, convert text to speech online with AI-App.Simply input your title and AI will generate content for you.Edit the content as needed and then select from a variety of voice roles.

With just one click, generate voice results and convert the text to MP3 files.Choose from a range of voice options and accents.Adjust the voice speed and volume settings to your preference.Whether you need articles or audio content based on text content, this TTS tool has got your back.

Experience the power of AI in content generation and text-to-speech conversion to repurpose text based content or improve accessibility...

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Pricing: Free Edit tool

Tagged: Text-to-speech Content Creation

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Xtool AI TTS possible use cases:

  1. Automated article writing on any topic, given the title.
  2. Creating audio content from articles and text content.
  3. Enhancing accessibility of written content with audio versions.
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