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Webbotify is a chatbot tool specifically trained for websites. It aims to supercharge visitor engagement by offering a chatbot powered by ChatGPT. It can drastically reduce support volume and enhance customer engagement by providing personalized conversations and instant support round the clock.

The tool allows users to easily configure the chatbot to match their brand, customize the bot's response tone and nature, and analyze user interactions, popular queries, and engagement metrics for business improvement. The tool provides features such as full chat history, user feedback, and metrics. Webbotify supports multiple languages, including English, and offers custom integration and features for enterprise-level needs.

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Webbotify possible use cases:

  1. Reduce support volume on your website by creating a custom chatbot.
  2. Enhance customer engagement by giving them a chatbot to interact with in real time.
  3. Analyze user interactions and get more insight.
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