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What is Vanna? 5 0 ratings is an open-source Python-based AI SQL agent that is designed to write complex SQL queries in seconds.With Vanna, you can easily train the AI agent on your specific database schema, ensuring high accuracy for complex datasets.

The tool supports a wide range of databases, including Snowflake, BigQuery, and Postgres, and allows you to easily connect to your chosen database.Vanna also offers pretrained models that can be used by anyone, and is continuously learning to improve its performance by augmenting training data.

It provides various integration options, including Slackbot, web app, Streamlit app, Excel plugin, and even the ability to expose it to your customers via a web is the fastest way to gain insights from your database by simply asking questions.

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Tagged: SQL Data Analysis

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Vanna possible use cases:

  1. Automating complex SQL queries for your database.
  2. Improving SQL query accuracy and efficiency.
  3. Integrating AI into database querying. Vanna
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