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What is AI Query?

AI Query is a tool that allows anyone to create efficient SQL queries without needing to know anything about SQL. Users can easily define their database schema and generate SQL queries through a simple text prompt. The tool offers support for different types of database engines and has a simple pricing plan for users. Additionally, there is a yearly plan that offers two months free and prioritized support and access to new features. Users can also contact the team for technical issues or to provide feedback on the tool.


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Tagged: Sql

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AI Query Core features

  • ✔️ Efficient sql query generation
  • ✔️ Database schema definition
  • ✔️ Support for different types of database engines
  • ✔️ Simple pricing plan
  • ✔️ Yearly plan with free two months and prioritized support

AI Query use case ideas

  1. Efficiently generate SQL queries.
  2. Simplify database schema definition.
  3. Access different database engines. AI Query
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