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What is Unfetch?

Unfetch is a powerful AI tool that enables you to create AI workflows and chat with data-driven AI agents. With Unfetch, you can quickly build AI workflows in minutes.

Unfetch allows you to easily interact with existing APIs using large language models. Simply sign up and with just a few clicks, you can connect existing APIs by filling in a couple of fields and interact with them in plain English.

For example, you can sync APIs together using tasks and ask the AI agent questions like "How many users did we have last week?" You can also run workflows autonomously, such as sending an email whenever a new post about sneakers is made on Reddit or notifying you about new products in online stores.

Unfetch is a valuable AI tool for streamlining your workflows and enhancing your API interactions, all through the power of AI.


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Tagged: Automation

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Unfetch Core features

  • ✔️ Building ai workflows
  • ✔️ Interacting with existing apis
  • ✔️ Syncing apis together
  • ✔️ Running workflows autonomously

Unfetch use case ideas

  1. Automating data retrieval from multiple APIs and AI agents.
  2. Monitoring and analyzing social media trends automatically.
  3. Creating personalized email notifications based on specific triggers.
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