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What is Tribescaler?

Tribescal is an AI tool for creating viral tweets that offers a free trial. It generates compelling hooks and refines them to increase the chances of going viral. The tool has received positive feedback from content creators and helps overcome writer's block. It offers a library of thousands of hooks across 20+ categories and allows users to copy generated text directly into Twitter's thread editor. The tool uses AI algorithms to generate original content in seconds.


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Tagged: Social media Twitter

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Tribescaler Core features

  • ✔️ Generate viral tweets
  • ✔️ Offer free trial
  • ✔️ Create compelling hooks
  • ✔️ Increase chances of going viral
  • ✔️ Overcome writer's block

Tribescaler use case ideas

  1. Overcoming writer's block.
  2. Generating original content.
  3. Increasing tweet engagement. Tribescaler
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