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What is TED SMRZR?

This AI tool can transcribe and punctuate TEDx talks, and then convert the punctuated transcriptions into short summaries. It uses an AI model to fetch and transcribe the videos, and another to punctuate and summarize them. The tool can also translate the talks into different languages and compare them for deep insights. The project is led by Abhinav Prakash, with contributions from Cloud+ML, UI, and UX teams.

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⭐ TED SMRZR Core features

  • ✔️ Transcribe tedx talks
  • ✔️ Punctuate transcriptions
  • ✔️ Summarize punctuated transcriptions
  • ✔️ Translate talks into different languages
  • ✔️ Compare summaries for deep insights

⚙️ TED SMRZR use case ideas

  1. Create summaries of TEDx talks for quick reference.
  2. Translate TEDx talks for global audiences.
  3. Analyze and compare TEDx talks for insights.
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