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What is SketchGPT?

This tool, called SketchGPT, uses AI to help users visualize their product designs. Users can upload sketches of their products and see how they would look under different themes for free. The tool applies shadows, adds depth and dimensions, and maintains a clean background. It was created by Sean Liu.


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Tagged: Design

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SketchGPT Core features

  • ✔️ Sketch
  • ✔️ Product
  • ✔️ Designs
  • ✔️ Themes

SketchGPT use case ideas

  1. Designers can use SketchGPT to quickly visualize their product ideas with different themes..
  2. Businesses can use SketchGPT to create product mockups for marketing purposes..
  3. Individuals can use SketchGPT to experiment with different design ideas for personal projects.. SketchGPT
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