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Research Studio will transform your data into actions.It delivers rapid, AI-Powered research analysis for UX, Marketing, and Product people.Everything from summaries, insights, sentiment, personas to competitors & data diagrams.

Key features include drag-and-drop file upload, AI-driven summarization, sentiment analysis data extraction, AI chat for natural conversations, insights and takeaways, and simple pricing.The tool automates tasks like summarizing documents, extracting data, and facilitating natural language interaction.

It provides valuable insights on user personas, data diagrams, and offers cloud synchronization for informed decision-making.With AI technology, Research Studio streamlines research processes and enhances productivity for UX designers and product managers.

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Research Studio possible use cases:

  1. Drag & Drop Research Files to get summaries and insights from research files..
  2. Chat with your research documents and data for faster insights.
  3. Extract sentiment analysis from long interviews and conversations to understand users and improve products. Research Studio
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