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Recall lets you summarize any online content and save it to your personal knowledge base.You can summarize the following: YouTube videos,articles, podcasts,PDFs, recipes, movie and TV series lists or any other webpage.

The summaries get automatically categorized in your own personal knowledge base making them easy to find again.Whatโ€™s more, the saved summaries get automatically linked with other related content you have saved in the past, helping you find connections in the content you consume and resurface past content when it is most relevant.

Recall also helps you review and consolidate the knowledge stored in your knowledge base.It uses scientifically backed techniques known as Spaced Repetition and Active Recall to resurface your saved content at optimal intervals, enhancing your long-term retention of information.

Using the browser extension, you summarize and save any online content including YouTube videos, blog posts, podcasts, news articles and even PDFs.Your saved summaries are automatically categorized and connected in your knowledge base.

Recall will strategically schedule reviews of your saved summaries to optimise long-term retention.Additionally, Recall will generate questions from the content in your knowledge base to test your knowledge even further.

Recall Details

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Recall Highlights:

โœ… Summarize any online content.
โœ… Save the summaries to your own personal knowledge base.
โœ… Summaries are automatically categorised in your knowledge base.
โœ… Links between the summaries are automatically identified helping find connections in the content you consume and resurface old content when something else related comes up.
โœ… Review your saved summaries using Spaced Repetition flashcards and Active Recall.

Recall possible use cases:

  1. Save time by getting quick summaries of online content and keep them in your own knowledge base.
  2. Organize and categorize saved content automatically to help you save time.
  3. Stay on top of learning schedule with spaced repetition.
  4. Export notes in markdown format for interoperability.
  5. Access your saved content offline anywhere. Recall
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