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What is B7Labs?

Converse AI is a reading companion tool that helps users save and summarize web articles, PDFs, and YouTube videos. With features like TLDR summaries and detailed executive summaries, Converse AI allows users to grasp the essence of content quickly. It reduces reading and watching time by 80% and offers the ability to delve deeper into specific sections as needed.

The tool also includes a chat function for saved documents and provides precise answers to questions with cited source references. Users can categorize saved content into separate collections for better organization and easily share articles with friends on social networks.

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⭐ B7Labs Core features

  • ✔️ AI Summarizer
  • ✔️ Chat Webpage Feature
  • ✔️ Interactive document navigation
  • ✔️ Conversational chat features
  • ✔️ Bookmarking feature

⚙️ B7Labs use case ideas

  1. Save time by generating TLDR summaries of lengthy web articles, PDFs, and YouTube videos with Converse AI, allowing users to quickly grasp the key points without having to read or watch the entire content.
  2. Enhance productivity by utilizing Converse AI's detailed executive summaries, which offer a comprehensive overview of content, enabling users to delve deeper into specific sections as needed for more in-depth understanding.
  3. Improve collaboration and knowledge sharing by using Converse AI's chat function for saved documents, allowing users to discuss and exchange insights on content with friends and colleagues in real-time.

🙋‍♂️ Users of this tool

Content creators
Busy individuals

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