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What is QuizMate?

QuizMate is the ultimate study partner powered by advanced AI technology. This Chrome extension helps streamline learning by providing quick answers and summaries of complex material, cutting down on search, reading, and study time. With QuizMate, you can simply right-click on any question or answer choices on a webpage to receive a quick and concise answer. The AI-powered assistant is always ready to help and guide you on your learning journey. QuizMate also offers a snapshot tool, allowing you to capture and study specific content from websites effortlessly. The tool integrates seamlessly with popular learning platforms such as Canvas and McGraw Hill, ensuring instant assistance during study sessions. Furthermore, QuizMate prioritizes data security and privacy, never storing personal information or questions. The platform boasts fast AI-driven answers, constantly evolving to provide accurate and relevant information at 10x the speed of its competitors. With flexible tuition plans available, users can access unlimited guidance from an AI tutor at affordable rates, making QuizMate a valuable asset for efficient and effective studying.

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⭐ QuizMate Core features

  • ✔️ Quick answers and summaries
  • ✔️ Right-click functionality
  • ✔️ Snapshot tool
  • ✔️ Integration with popular learning platforms
  • ✔️ Fast AI-driven answers

⚙️ QuizMate use case ideas

  1. Quickly find answers to difficult study questions by right-clicking on them while browsing online resources, saving time and effort in researching complex material.
  2. Effortlessly capture and study specific content from webpages using QuizMate's snapshot tool, enabling focused learning and revision for exams and assignments.
  3. Integrate QuizMate with popular learning platforms like Canvas and McGraw Hill to receive instant AI-guided assistance during study sessions, enhancing comprehension and productivity.

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Professionals seeking to learn
Online learners

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