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The AI tool predicts audience and lead scores. It helps marketers achieve higher ROA (return on advertising) on Facebook using lookalike audiences. As cookie-tracking becomes less reliable, the tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and unlock first-party data to target cold prospects with a high likelihood of conversion. The tool can ingest files of first-party personal identification information (PII) to create a model of buyers that can be applied to popular pre-scored lists of prospects. The tool can be used to target ads on Facebook via a Livreramp email hash list. The tool claims to have been used by Fortune 500 companies for several years and is now available to SMBs at a fraction of the cost of similar long-term contracts.

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Qualifyed.AI possible use cases:

  1. Targeting cold prospects with high conversion likelihood.
  2. Creating models of buyers from first-party PII files.
  3. Targeting ads on Facebook via Livreramp email hash list.
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