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What is Knowmore? - Email Revenue AI Tool is an AI tool designed to help you turn email leads into revenue quickly. By simply logging in and launching the app, you can unlock AI-enriched insights from the user emails and domains you've already collected. This tool enriches your data with information from Twitter and Telegram, providing you with valuable user insights and company data. With, you can identify companies likely to generate revenue, create custom lookalike audiences for Google Ads, and discover new potential customers. Simply export your CSV file, upload the emails, and let the AI work its magic to deliver leads straight to your inbox. Join the ranks of satisfied users who have seen a significant increase in revenue thanks to the power of

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⭐ Knowmore Core features

  • ✔️ Email leads analysis
  • ✔️ Data enrichment with Twitter and Telegram information
  • ✔️ Identifying revenue-generating companies
  • ✔️ Creating custom lookalike audiences for Google Ads
  • ✔️ Lead generation through AI processing

⚙️ Knowmore use case ideas

  1. Identify high-potential leads by leveraging to analyze user emails and domains, enriching data with Twitter and Telegram insights for targeted marketing strategies and increased revenue generation.
  2. Optimize Google Ads campaigns by creating custom lookalike audiences using AI-enriched data processed by, enhancing ad targeting precision and driving conversion rates to maximize revenue.
  3. Streamline lead generation processes by exporting email data to, allowing the AI tool to analyze and deliver potential customer leads directly to your inbox, boosting efficiency and revenue growth.

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Sales and marketing professionals
Business development executives
Digital marketers
Lead generation teams
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