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What is Product-visualizer?

Imajinn AI is a tool that transforms boring product photos into visually appealing images for ecommerce. It includes a product visualizer and photoshoot features to enhance product placement and backgrounds. It also offers an AI-powered photobooth for creating unique portrait profile pictures. Imajinn allows custom AI model training for objects, styles, pets, and people. It is free and comes with prompt examples for visuals.


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Tagged: E-commerce Fun

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Product-visualizer Core features

  • ✔️ Product visualizer
  • ✔️ Photoshoot features
  • ✔️ Ai-powered photobooth
  • ✔️ Custom ai model training

Product-visualizer use case ideas

  1. Enhance product images for ecommerce.
  2. Create unique portrait profile pictures.
  3. Custom AI model training for objects, styles, pets, and people. Product-visualizer
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