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What is Imagen AI?

Imagen AI is an AI tool that generates unique variations of online images for free. It is ideal for ideation and creating design ideas, product photos, and A/B testing ad refresh. It generates unlimited variations of a single photo by changing elements while keeping the major look and feel intact. Its look-alike images replace the original and can be edited like a pro. Imagen AI also offers AI-generated inspirational images, photos, and illustrations. Users can subscribe to its newsletter to stay updated on product updates, events, and promotions.

Imagen AI Details

Pricing: Free Edit tool

Tagged: Image Editing

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Imagen AI Core features

  • ✔️ Generates unique variations of online images
  • ✔️ Ideation
  • ✔️ Creating design ideas
  • ✔️ Product photos
  • ✔️ A/b testing ad refresh

Imagen AI use case ideas

  1. Create product photos with unique variations.
  2. Generate A/B testing ad refresh images.
  3. Use AI-generated inspirational images for design ideas. Imagen AI
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