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peek ai is a free app that allows users to access and interact with multiple AI chatbots in one place.It supports chatbots like ChatGPT, BARD, Pi, and Perplexity without the need for API keys or logging into accounts.

The app provides a seamless and intuitive user interface with features such as a floating window for easy access, the ability to take screenshots of chats, and a menu bar icon for quick access.Privacy is taken care of since the app acts as a webview interface where data is passed between the app and the chatbots.

Users can easily switch between different chatbots using a dropdown menu and the app also syncs chat history across devices.It is a useful tool for developers, writers, students, or anyone interested in AI chatbots.

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Peek AI possible use cases:

  1. Access and interact with multiple AI chatbots.
  2. Switch between different chatbots seamlessly.
  3. Sync chat history across devices. Peek AI
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