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What is PEECH?

Peech is an AI-powered video editing platform designed to help content teams generate unlimited high-quality engaging video content using their unique NLP technology. It features smart automation tools such as automatic transcription, editing, repurposing, branding, and customization of video content, all in one place. With Peech, content teams can easily create short-form videos, webinars, testimonials, and visual/audio content to expand their brand presence and generate leads. Peech provides a one-of-a-kind automated editing process that generates professional-ready-to-publish videos within seconds, while allowing users to customize design elements and fit their brand standards. Peech enables content teams to become unstoppable creators and scale their content creation efforts without additional resources.

PEECH Details

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PEECH Core features

  • ✔️ Automatic transcription
  • ✔️ Editing
  • ✔️ Repurposing
  • ✔️ Branding
  • ✔️ Customization

PEECH use case ideas

  1. Create short-form videos.
  2. Generate webinars and testimonials.
  3. Customize design elements and fit brand standards. PEECH
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