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What is Lookup?

Lookup is an AI tool that helps product teams analyze and organize feedback from various sources such as support tickets and sales calls. It uses AI to extract insights from call transcripts, support tickets, and feedback to spot emerging feedback trends. The tool also centralizes feedback collection and adapts to your feedback taxonomy. It offers a free plan with beta access and paid plans that increase the amount of words processed per month.

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⭐ Lookup Core features

  • ✔️ Call transcript analysis
  • ✔️ Support ticket analysis
  • ✔️ Feedback organization
  • ✔️ Emerging trends detection
  • ✔️ Feedback taxonomy adaptation

⚙️ Lookup use case ideas

  1. Analyze customer feedback from support tickets.
  2. Organize feedback from sales calls.
  3. Spot emerging feedback trends.
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