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What is Lindy? is an AI-powered personal assistant that helps with tasks such as email drafting, contract sending, and calendar management. It can be summoned from anywhere and streamlines email communication with pre-drafted emails and task triaging. It also has features for conflict handling, contract management, and daily briefing, and can be integrated with various tools such as Gmail, Twitter, and Salesforce. Additionally, can provide summarizations of podcasts, YouTube videos, web articles, and more.


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Lindy Core features

  • ✔️ Email drafting
  • ✔️ Contract sending
  • ✔️ Calendar management
  • ✔️ Task triaging
  • ✔️ Conflict handling
  • ✔️ Contract management
  • ✔️ Daily briefing
  • ✔️ Podcast summarization
  • ✔️ Youtube video summarization
  • ✔️ Web article summarization

Lindy use case ideas

  1. Streamlining email communication.
  2. Managing contracts and calendars.
  3. Summarizing podcasts and articles. Lindy
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