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What is is an AI tool that streamlines the sales process for B2B teams. It ingests information from multiple sources and creates a comprehensive sales playbook, always up-to-date. The tool also includes a Q&A feature to assist with answering customer inquiries. The founders have a proven track record in AI development and plan to introduce AI copilot capabilities in the near future. Join the waitlist to experience the power of AI virtual assistance for your sales team.


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  • ✔️ Ingests information from multiple sources
  • ✔️ Creates a comprehensive sales playbook
  • ✔️ Always up-to-date
  • ✔️ Q&a feature to assist with answering customer inquiries
  • ✔️ Ai copilot capabilities use case ideas

  1. Streamlining B2B sales process.
  2. Creating comprehensive sales playbook.
  3. Assisting with customer inquiries.
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